Sunday, October 01, 2006

Control Your Thoughts


Is it necessary to control your thoughts?Yes,because if you are unable to control your thoughts,your thoughts start controlling you.And,when this happens quite often,you are unable to complete your targets,you are unable to perform,you don’t get the desired results in your life.

Thoughts are generated in your mind to guide you or You can generate your thoughts as per your aims and targets.Suppose you are not able to control your desire to watch T.V. more than the stipulated period while you need to perform some important tasks related to your aims and targets then, when, you are exhausted after watching the T.V.,you regret that you have wasted the valuable time and then,the same of question arises ,”Is T.V. for me or I’m for T.V.”

At that particular moment, you are forced to think whether GOD has given you this human life mainly for watching T.V.

Similarly,whenever your mind wanders here and there and you know that you are wasting time by thinking unwanted thoughts, ask yourself a question,”Can I control my thoughts?”And when you get an answer in affirmative,start thinking the thoughts which take you towards the direction of you aims,targets and goals.


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